About Shannon Business Aviation


Shannon Business Aviation LLC is an aviation services company which specialize in providing ground handling and aviation fuel supply, as well as all related services, worldwide, to commercial air carriers, general aviation and private aircraft.

Our Services:

  • Flight permits and slot coordination
  • Navigation support, Weather and NOTAMs
  • Ground handling and Supervision
  • Visa and Customs assistance
  • VIP and Business lounges
  • Catering
  • Transfers and Accommodation
  • Fuel
Flight permits and slot coordination
Navigation support, Weather and NOTAMs
Ground handling and Supervision
Immigration & Customs Assistance
VIP and Business lounges

Transfers and Accommodation

Flight support starts with obtaining overflight permission. We understand each permit is critical and aim to obtain each one in the shortest timeframe, taking into account the requested route and intended schedule data.

We arrange:

  • Overflight permits
  • Landing permits
  • Permit revision
  • Slot coordination
  • Out of hours services at airports not operating on a 24-hour basis

We are always focused on providing accurate flight plan, completely customized to your preferences. You can trust our flight planning specialists and meteorologists to consider fuel efficiency, quickest time to your destination and safety.

We deliver:

  • Crew Briefing (NAVLOG, FPL, Wind Charts, NOTAMS)
  • FPLs for any country delivered by E-Mail, SITA, AFTN or FAX
  • Correction of FPL
  • Aircraft position monitoring
  • Consulting on the use of Air Space

Wherever your destination, we will coordinate the unique requirements of your trip, while adhering to your preferences and ensuring you are receiving a superior service. Having a wide network or representatives worldwide, we provide handling services up to the highest standards.

We provide:

  • Ramp handling
  • PAX Handling
  • Customs & Immigration
  • Cargo and baggage services
  • Visa Arrangements
  • Security Arrangements
The reason for our ongoing success in this area is quite simple: we endeavour to create long-term partnerships built on mutual trust, respect and integrity, not only with our customers but also with our agents.

Prime aviation companies around the world choose us as their agent when they need the formalities to be completed smoothly and without hassle. You'll be advised well in advance of all official regulations at your point of destination.

We know that pre- and post- flight facilities are just as important as the flight itself. Fast Immigration and Customs control, good coffee and pleasant silence, in other words, total comfort are what we aim to provide.

Catering is an integral part of a comfortable flight. Often the most important thoughts come while relaxing during a meal, therefore the importance of quality and mouthwatering food should not be underestimated. We carefully deliver catering from the best restaurants in any city, ensuring you of the highest standard in in-flight meals.

Fast and timely transfers leave you free to work on the other details of your flight. We enjoy partnerships with many companies, thereby offering the most price-competitive and smooth transfer services.

Comfortable rest for the crew is a very important part of successful future flight performance.

Being assured of our efforts to organize your perfect accommodation is added peace of mind.

Aviation fuel services provision has always been our priority. Constantly strengthening our Company and its development, we have established a wide network of service providers, and are able to provide you with the most competitive prices in Europe and worldwide. We provide services to several segments of the aviation industry, including but not limited to: major and regional airlines, freight and cargo companies, corporations, airports and municipalities, fixed base operators, helicopters and private owners. We serve a number of scheduled flights, corporate and business jets, private and cargo flights. Our fuel team target for the best deals with fuel vendors, and have exclusive connection with FBO and airport authorities. This allows us to offer competitive rates for jet fuel reselling within our vast network. As a fuel provider we render high quality services based on IATA Fuel standards. With the help of our experience and proactivity, we are able to guide our customers to the best price alternative, giving personal attention to ensure the success of every flight.

We ensure:

  • 24 Hour Dispatch Team
  • Cost-effective refuelling
  • High quality fuel service
  • Bulk delivery to our partner FBOs and fuel storage facility
  • Insurance coverage
  • Credit facility
  • VAT Exemption
We make it available at more than 1000 locations all over the world!
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